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Envision Enrollment is an online admission solution developed specifically for graduate and professional schools by people who have a deep understanding of the demands placed on enrollment-management professionals. It is a seamless and comprehensive tool that supports the flow of data throughout the admission process—from the prospect record to the matriculant file. Envision Enrollment is flexible, making it easy to use the features that meet the specific needs of your office during every phase of the enrollment lifecycle.

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Recruitment Planning

Store information about recruiting events and activities, and associate it with prospects and applicants. Analyze the effectiveness of the past year to plan for the future. Manage the process exactly as you choose.

Prospecting & Recruiting

Connect your recruiting activities and events with prospect and applicant records. Develop and track targeted recruitment communications with ease while analyzing the effectiveness of your marketing activities throughout the admission cycle. Use multichannel marketing to attract prospects, get to know them better, and ultimately encourage them to apply to your school.

Admission Application Design

Envision Enrollment puts control in your hands, beginning with the design of your admission application. Simple, do-it-yourself technology allows you to create your own online application by selecting from a comprehensive menu of questions. You can easily capture additional data by adding your own questions, or you can include specific forms for applicants to download. Everything happens online, according to your schedule.

Application & Supporting Document Collection

Credential assembly is what truly separates Envision Enrollment from other enrollment-management tools. We collect everything you need to evaluate an applicant, including the application, personal statement, and résumé. We collect transcripts, letters of recommendation, and noncognitive skills evaluations. Our system doesn’t just scan transcripts and produce images—we also enter information individually from each transcript to the applicant’s record. Not only do you get images, you get the data you need to create exactly the reports you want.

File-Review Process

Online file review means faster turnaround without sacrificing attention to detail. Monitor file status, assign or reassign applicants to reviewers, track the progress of applicants through the review cycle, and communicate with your applicants. Many reviewers can review files at once, with access from anywhere.

Decisions, Deposits & Pool Monitoring

Watch the composition of your entering class as it takes shape. Track decisions, analyze credentials and noncognitive characteristics of the applicants, and ensure you’re crafting the class you want. With our online deposit payment system, your admitted applicants can immediately reserve their place in the entering class. You can measure how many more admission offers you need to make and better manage your waitlist. When questions come from the dean and other sources, the information is at your fingertips.

Post-Admit Recruiting

More efficient file completion and review coupled with our user-friendly communication system gives your staff the time and tools they need to encourage admitted applicants to attend your school. Send targeted messages based on your analysis of applicants’ interests and qualifications, and devote the time you need to create personalized responses to their questions and concerns.


Envision Enrollment helps you turn admitted applicants into matriculating students. Once you know who your matriculants are, you can easily pass their document images to the registrar and exchange their data with any of the other systems on campus.